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Steve Jobs se během své kariéry objevil na titulní straně prestižního magazínu Time celkem osmkrát. Bohužel naposledy se na titulní stránce objevil v době, kdy si ji už nemá možnost prohlédnout. Steve Jobs se stal osobností na titulní stránku poprvé v roce 1982 a naposledy v roce 2011. Teprve 26 let starý Steve Jobs se poprvé dostal na obálku Time, když hodnota jeho majetku překročila hranici 149 milionů amerických dolarů. Poslední obálka se nachází na aktuálním čísle Time, které si můžete zakoupit i v ČR/SR ve vybraných trafikách se zahraničním tiskem. Cena v aktuálního vydání Time v Tesco je 125Kč v ČR a 4,99€ v SR. 

Striking It Rich – 15. 2. 1982

„Steven Jobs, 26, the co-founder of five-year-old Apple Computer, practically singlehanded created the personal computer industry. This college dropout is now worth $149 million.“



Steve’s Job: Restart Apple – 18. 8. 1997

„The rebel flag is flying over Apple Computer, Inc., again, thanks to Jobs. The Silicon Valley visionary who co-founded Apple in his father’s garage in 1976, who launched the wildly successful Macintosh only to be booted by the corporate pinheads in 1985, is back running his first love.“



Apple and Pixar: Steve’s Two Jobs – 18. 9. 1999

„The popular caricature paints Jobs as a brilliant, driven man-child running around Apple in sandals and shorts, screaming at underlings while trying to build the perfect digital machine. By most accounts, this image remains more or less correct.“



Apple’s New Core – 14. 1. 2002

„Right here, right now, sitting on a butcher-block table, bathed in the sunlight that pours in through spyproof frosted-glass windows, is–repeat after Steve Jobs now–the quintessence of computational coolness, the most fabulous desktop machine that you or anyone anywhere has ever seen.“



How Apple Does It – 16. 10. 2005

„Jobs has a great native sense of design and a knack for hiring geniuses, but above all, what he has is a willingness to be a pain in the neck about what matters most to him.“


The TIME 100 – 20. 4. 2007

„He has been Jobs the visionary founder, notably at Apple and Pixar. He has done time as Jobs the exile and even as Jobs the failure. Now he has a new role: Jobs the mogul.“


The iPad Launch: Can Steve Jobs Do It Again? 1. 4. 2010

„He [Jobs] exists somewhere between showman, perfectionist overseer, visionary, enthusiast and opportunist, and his insistence upon design, detail, finish, quality, ease of use and reliability are a huge part of Apple’s success. “



Mourning Technology’s Great Reinventor

„Jobs did something that few people accomplish even once: he reinvented entire industries. He did it with ones that were new, like PCs, and he did it with ones that were old, such as music. And his pace only accelerated over the years.“


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