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  • MacBook jako druhý monitor #41390

    potřebuji dočasně můj MacBook využít jak druhý monitor pro služební MacBook, oba mají Thunderbolt, musím použít Thunderbolt kabel nebo m Displayport ? a jak nastavit?

    MacBook jako druhý monitor #41391

    You could probably use a tool like SPLASHTOP to extend your PC's desktop over onto the Mac.

    (There are various apps that work like Splashtop. I just happen to use this app, so it's the one I have some experience with.)

    The way it works is this...

    1. You run a "streaming" app on your main computer. In your case, on your pc. This will "stream" your computer's desktop to a suitable receiver.

    2. On your target machine, for instance, a Macbook, or Android tablet, or another Windows machine, you run a second app, which "receives" the stream from the host computer. The target machine effectively becomes a second monitor, displaying either a duplicate of the host machine's desktop, or an extension of that desktop. This depends on the settings you choose in the host machine's streaming app.

    MacBook jako druhý monitor #41435

    Máte někdo zkušenosti s Mac-to-Mac Mode in Luna Display 4.0 ?

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